Outdoor fun, Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap- 6/18/17

Another fun (and hot) weekend in Nashville! Saturday Luna and I met up with a good friend who was home for the weekend. We went to 51st dog park, which is already becoming one of our favorite spots! I wrote a whole post about the new spot and you can check that out here. Luna was the only dog at the park but she ran around and chased some tennis balls while my friend and I caught up.

After the dog park, we got ice cream at a super cute coffee shop in The Nations called Three Corners Coffee. I’ve driven by there many times but never stopped in until Saturday. They have delicious coffees, muffins, ice cream, and more! Luna got to eat her very own ice cream cone, which she REALLY liked. I think she ate the whole thing in 20 seconds!

Saturday night I went to a Nashville Sounds game with friends. It was my first game of the season and man was it fun! We sat in the lawn in the outfield where we could hang out yet still watch the game. We all agreed we needed to go to more this summer!

Sunday was a family-filled Father’s Day at our house. We were hoping to have some summer fun outside in the pool but it stormed most of the day. Luna really hates storms so she wore her Thunder Shirt most of the day, which helps her a lot. I struggle with how to comfort Luna when it’s storming because she paces around the house, shakes, and pants. The Thunder Shirt definitely calms her down enough to where she can sit with me and I can pet and hold her. I always feel so bad for her!

Anyway, we had a big family dinner for my dad and brother-in-law with presents, fried chicken, and peach cobbler. It was such a fun time celebrating dads in my family.

Have a great week!


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