Dining spots, Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap: 6/25/17

We had a pretty quiet weekend at our house, with a few exceptions. On Friday we had an unanticipated vet visit because Luna lost a tooth. Earlier last week we were playing tug and one of Luna’s front teeth came out. She hasn’t seemed to be in any pain and is acting totally normal, but I wanted to take her to the vet anyway (since I’m a total helicopter dog mom). Anyway, the vet said the rest of Luna’s mouth looks great and that this was probably a one time thing. To be on the safe side, Luna is on antibiotics for a few weeks to make sure she doesn’t get an infection. Lucky, she is totally willing to take the pills as long as peanut butter, cheese, or chicken is involved too! A special shoutout to 5 Points Animal Hospital for being so amazing!! We’re all making jokes about Luna being a hillbilly pup now that she’s missing one of her front teeth…

Saturday my friend and I went to Drag n’ Brunch at Suzy Wong’s House of Yum. It was so fun! There is drag queen entertainment all throughout the brunch, featuring Taylor Swift, Dolly Parton, and Marilyn Monroe. The Dolly Parton drag queen was by far my favorite! The food is also super delicious there. I had the blueberry pancakes and my friend had a breakfast panini with tofu. The mimosas and coffees are definitely a must! We both agreed we would come back with more friends in the future!

The rest of the weekend was spent catching up on sleep and relaxing at home. Luna especially got some good sleep, although she did it in the weirdest ways possible!


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