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Weekend Recap: 6/25/17

We had a pretty quiet weekend at our house, with a few exceptions. On Friday we had an unanticipated vet visit because Luna lost a tooth. Earlier last week we were playing tug and one of Luna’s front teeth came out. She hasn’t seemed to be in any pain and is acting totally normal, but I wanted to take her to the vet anyway (since I’m a total helicopter dog mom). Anyway, the vet said the rest of Luna’s mouth looks great and that this was probably a one time thing. To be on the safe side, Luna is on antibiotics for a few weeks to make sure she doesn’t get an infection. Lucky, she is totally willing to take the pills as long as peanut butter, cheese, or chicken is involved too! A special shoutout to 5 Points Animal Hospital for being so amazing!! We’re all making jokes about Luna being a hillbilly pup now that she’s missing one of her front teeth…

Saturday my friend and I went to Drag n’ Brunch at Suzy Wong’s House of Yum. It was so fun! There is drag queen entertainment all throughout the brunch, featuring Taylor Swift, Dolly Parton, and Marilyn Monroe. The Dolly Parton drag queen was by far my favorite! The food is also super delicious there. I had the blueberry pancakes and my friend had a breakfast panini with tofu. The mimosas and coffees are definitely a must! We both agreed we would come back with more friends in the future!

The rest of the weekend was spent catching up on sleep and relaxing at home. Luna especially got some good sleep, although she did it in the weirdest ways possible!

Outdoor fun, Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap- 6/18/17

Another fun (and hot) weekend in Nashville! Saturday Luna and I met up with a good friend who was home for the weekend. We went to 51st dog park, which is already becoming one of our favorite spots! I wrote a whole post about the new spot and you can check that out here. Luna was the only dog at the park but she ran around and chased some tennis balls while my friend and I caught up.

After the dog park, we got ice cream at a super cute coffee shop in The Nations called Three Corners Coffee. I’ve driven by there many times but never stopped in until Saturday. They have delicious coffees, muffins, ice cream, and more! Luna got to eat her very own ice cream cone, which she REALLY liked. I think she ate the whole thing in 20 seconds!

Saturday night I went to a Nashville Sounds game with friends. It was my first game of the season and man was it fun! We sat in the lawn in the outfield where we could hang out yet still watch the game. We all agreed we needed to go to more this summer!

Sunday was a family-filled Father’s Day at our house. We were hoping to have some summer fun outside in the pool but it stormed most of the day. Luna really hates storms so she wore her Thunder Shirt most of the day, which helps her a lot. I struggle with how to comfort Luna when it’s storming because she paces around the house, shakes, and pants. The Thunder Shirt definitely calms her down enough to where she can sit with me and I can pet and hold her. I always feel so bad for her!

Anyway, we had a big family dinner for my dad and brother-in-law with presents, fried chicken, and peach cobbler. It was such a fun time celebrating dads in my family.

Have a great week!

Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap- 6/11/17

Luna and I spent this weekend apart, but we both still did some fun stuff. I went to Valparaiso, Indiana for a college friend’s wedding and it was a blast! I love that my college friends are getting married because it means I get to see some of my closest friends who live in other cities, celebrate love, and bust a move on the dance floor. A bonus for going to a wedding in Valparaiso, IN is that Albanese Candy is headquartered there! My friends and I popped into the factory to stock up on delicious gummy bears, chocolates, and taffy. Yum!

Cheers to the new Mr. and Mrs. Patrick!

While I was out of town, Luna stayed with my parents at our house. Even though Luna loves my family, she always seems a little down when I am out of town, so I am always happy to get back to her. Luna spent her weekend snuggling with my mom, going on walks with my dad and little brother, and fully destroying her Kong Wubba. I bought the Wubba for Luna at the store last week and she was obsessed with it the whole week. We were all surprised that it took her so long to rip it apart, honestly. Luna is usually able to completely destroy a toy (or dog bed) in under 5 minutes, so I was pleasantly surprised that her Wubba lasted so long! I already ordered some new ones so hopefully they will get here soon!

Luna and my mom snuggling. So cute!


Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap- 6/4/17

What a fun weekend! Our weekend was filled with fun outings and friends and family, so I thought I would share it with y’all!

FRIDAY: Friday night I went to Brew at the Zoo at the Nashville Zoo with one of my best friends. It was our second time going and we both agreed it’s one of the best summer events in Nashville. For $65 (a little steep, I know) we spent our Friday evening walking around the zoo, seeing animals, and sampling beers and ciders from over 60 breweries. There was incredible live music and yummy food trucks, too! If you can, put this on your bucket list for next summer!


Me and Libby having a great time at Brew at the Zoo!

SATURDAY: Saturday was my dad’s birthday and we spent the morning drinking coffee and eating cinnamon rolls. Saturday afternoon Luna and I went to The Dog Spot’s 2nd birthday and it was a blast! There was a caricaturist doing free drawings, free samples for the dogs, and plenty of giveaways. The Humane Society of Nashville had their mobile adoption truck there, and I got to tell how much I appreciated everything they do and how grateful I was for them bringing Luna into my life. I’m pretty sure they just thought I was a crazy dog lady (which I am) but I didn’t care. Luna tried some new treats that she seemed to really enjoy and I bought a few new treats and toys for her. I’m planning on doing a product review of the treats we got later this week, so stay tuned! Saturday night was spent cheering on the Nashville Predators (GO PREDS).

Luna sampling some treats and the precious drawing we got made

SUNDAY: Today we had a quiet morning around the house and spent the afternoon outside by the pool. Luna had her first swim in the pool and I think she liked it! She went in twice when I was in the pool and swam really well. It was pretty hot in Nashville today so I think she liked cooling down. Tonight the whole family got together at home for dinner and catching fireflies.

 Luna’s first swim!

Overall it was a busy and wonderful weekend! I hope everyone else had a great weekend too!