Hi there and welcome to Alice loves Luna!! I’m Alice and I live in Nashville, TN with my fur baby, Luna. I adopted Luna from the Humane Society in October, 2016 when she was about 1 year and 8 months old. Since then, we have been almost inseparable.

I love to take Luna out and about with me, whether we’re hiking in a state park, going out to eat with friends, or having puppy play dates. I decided to start this blog as a guide for other dog parents living in Nashville about the fun, dog-friendly things there are to do in the city. I will freely admit that I am an obsessed dog-mom, so there may be a sappy post or two about how much I adore my pup. I’m hoping to connect with other dog lovers in the Nashville area while sharing some stories about what it’s like to be a human in Nashville, too!

Follow along for the adventures of Alice and Luna!

Here’s Luna the day I adopted her!