Warner Parks

My very first outing with Luna was to Percy Warner park for a hike with friends the day after I adopted her. On the car ride there I learned that Luna sometimes gets car sick (I also learned that I needed a seat cover for my car.) Anyway… we hiked the Warner Woods Trail, a 2.5 mile loop that is also known as the White Trail. This trail takes you up and down the hills of the park and takes you to a point where you can see almost all of Nashville. The view is beautiful and totally worth the steep hills! Make sure you bring water for you and your pup!

If you’re looking for some easier or shorter trails in the same area, Edwin Warner park has some great options. There are multiple old roads and greenways in the park that basically allow you to customize how long of a hike you want to do. Look for the green trails for that option. Another good short trail is the Nature Loop trail, a 3/4 mile loop that takes you around the woods behind the Nature Center.

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